Whip smart

Japanese developer Nigoro has said there's still a possibility we'll see La-Mulana reach WiiWare in the West.

The team said on its official blog:

To be honest, we don’t give up WiiWare version for overseas.
So, we want to let you know in advance, “There is a possibility to release WiiWare version.”
It will be without the additional download contents. So far, you can’t play Hell temple on WiiWare though, it might be a better option for someone who doesn’t need to play Hell temple or prefers to play on the game console.

The news the game will no longer receive the DLC is a blow, but after this long we'd settle for getting anything La-Mulana related.

Nigoro closed its blog with the optimistic words:

The plan is proceeding smoothly, but please wait for the information.
We will let you know when the release is entirely confirmed.

In June we reported that PEGI had rated La-Mulana for release by Spanish publisher EnjoyUp! Games, but the rating was swiftly taken down.

[source la-mulana.com]