Bring it

The release of Monster Hunter 3 G and the confirmation of Monster Hunter 4 have been contributing factors to making 3DS the must-have handheld console in Japan. When 3 G was released it contributed to week-one 3DS console sales that surpassed the actual launch of the system, and the game itself passed 1.5 million sales earlier in the year.

Despite this, news on a potential Western release has been practically non-existent, despite the fact that Capcom went to such efforts to release Monster Hunter Tri worldwide on Wii; that was possibly the biggest, most substantial online title on the system. The lack of news has made us wonder, in Nintendo Life towers, whether the first 3DS title will arrive on western shores at all, or whether we'll be waiting until after Spring 2013 when MH4 hits Japan.

Despite this, Capcom enjoys a good tease, and a blog post from Yuri Araujo, a new Associate Online/Community Specialist at Capcom U.S., has said the following on

I actually joined as a user specifically to inquire (read: complain) about the situation regarding Monster Hunter 2 (dos) Western release back in 2005/06 - so I know exactly how it feels to be lacking a new MH game for a while... patience is a virtue, right? Eventually it pays off somehow... we'll have something veeeeery soon.

He goes on to introduce himself further and show off the fact that he's a full-blown Monster Hunter fanatic. Of course he could be referring to something other than the 3DS games — though that's unlikely — but let's engage our hype-mode and speculate about which MH announcement he could mean. So, what do you expect Capcom to announce 'soon'?