Striking a blow for apes everywhere

A good all-round week for North America: 3DS gets an ageing arcade game, a demo and a 3DS Virtual Console game, DSiWare is graced with a music-themed take on the Plants vs. Zombies formula and Wii owners get a VC game too.

3DS Virtual Console

Donkey Kong Jr. (NES, Nintendo, $4.99) — A rare appearance from Kong the younger. Mario has captured Donkey Kong, and you have to come to the rescue. Already released to 3DS Ambassadors, we'll have a review soon.


Mad Dog McCree (Digital Leisure, $7.99) — This 'classic' arcade light gun game uses full motion video to bring the Wild West to life, which means bad acting and worse dialogue. Will it be any good on 3DS? We'll tell you in our upcoming review.

Wii Virtual Console

Mega Man X2 (Super NES, Capcom, 800pts) — Another cracking 16-bit adventure for Mega Man, who could seemingly do no wrong in those days. Check out our Mega Man X2 review for the full scoop.

3DS Demo

The Amazing Spider-Man — He spins a web in the night, and now he can do it in 3D with a sticky slice of Activision's upcoming adventure.


Devil Band: Rock the Underworld (CIRCLE, 200pts) — It's like Plants vs. Zombies but with musicians and lots more tapping. We'll have a full review for you soon.

7 Wonders II (MumboJumbo, 800pts) — You can already buy 7 Wonders II on DS but MumboJumbo's decided to put the game on DSiWare too. We expect it's very similar to the retail version, so read our 7 Wonders II DS review as you eagerly await our verdict on the DSiWare release.

That's all for this week lads and lasses. What will you be buying? Let us know in our Facebook poll.