Gaijin Games is a well-known supporter of Nintendo systems and services, bringing its six game Bit.Trip series to WiiWare and then as retail compilations on Wii and 3DS. There was a dark time, however, when it looked like Bit.Trip Runner spin-off Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien wouldn't arrive on a Nintendo system. Thankfully, after heavy hints that made it a 99% certainty, the developer confirmed that it would be self-publishing the title on Wii U; all is well with the world.

It's clear that the team working on the game is enjoying the possibilities that the system and its GamePad controller offer, and has shared its enthusiasm and ideas in an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine.

For Runner2, we're thinking about how we can use the controller as an alternate world. For instance, what if CommanderVideo got warped down to the controller and had to do stuff different to what's going on in the main game. It's turning into a new canvas to paint on.

I'm imagining a game in which two players play co-op, with one using the Wii U controller and the other using a standard Wii Remote. What if the person with the Wii U controller could help the other person with the Wii U controller could help the other player out using, say, surveillance cameras, a bit like Theora Jones with Edison Carter (from Max Headroom).

We also suggest that you check out the recent Gaijin blog post confirming the Wii U release of Runner2, which promises 10 new characters and 'fancy-pants HD graphics', among other things.

One thing's for sure, that's one developer with a lot of love for Nintendo.

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