Hidden away on Nintendo's E3 press site lies Project P-100 (working title), a 'mass-hero action' title developed by Platinum Games. If bizarre superheroes, gigantic robots and defending Earth all interest you, you've come to the right game.

The planet is under attack from swarms of aliens, and your job is to trot around each stage employing the unique talents of helpless citizens. The more people under your command, the better your chances and the greater your Special Morph Powers. The trailer showed several people getting together and being used as a gigantic sword to slash down enemies, an oversized robo-hand and a helpful ladder.

Moving the Wii U GamePad around lets you glance at areas not seen on the television and solve puzzles. Heroes such as Bonzai Man, Vending Machine Man and the charmingly named Toilet Bowl Man can be ordered about with the touch screen.

Here's a trailer:

Which hero are you most looking forward to playing with?