Time to play the game

North America gets its third Game Boy Color game today, which is nice. There's some DSiWare too and an update for an eShop favourite.

3DS Virtual Console

Game & Watch Gallery 2 (Game Boy Color, Nintendo, $3.99) — No, your eyes do not deceive you: this is two consecutive weeks of 3DS Virtual Console games in North America. After last week's Kirby's Block Ball we now have the second compilation of Game & Watch games. Read our Game & Watch Gallery 2 review to see if this one's for you.


Snakenoid Deluxe (Cinemax, 500pts) — An enhanced version of the original Snakenoid, though it must be said we're not entirely sold on the idea of a 'deluxe' version considering the score in our Snakenoid review. Still, we'll see how this new deluxe edition fares in a review very soon.

3DS Download Software Update

Mighty Switch Force! (WayForward) — A remastered version of the ace original, this adds five new levels, better 3D effects and a retry button. It's free to anyone who already owns the game, or you can buy the full package for $5.99. Read our Mighty Switch Force! review to see if this game's for you.

Nintendo Video

Madagascar 3 Trailer in 3D (available May 26 at 6 a.m. PT) – Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman journey through Europe in a traveling circus as they fight to get home to the Big Apple. Catch the trailer in 3D on Nintendo Video.

Anything for you this week?