Miyamoto's Kirby has fans

It's easy to underestimate how long some of the current Nintendo senior figures have been working at the company: some of them have been there since the very beginning of NES, for example. Andriasang has unearthed a picture from a 1993 Nintendo Strategy book to make us, and the Nintendo legends in question, feel a bit old.

The image in this article is from the guide book for Kirby's Adventure, with Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata and Masahiro Sakurai all being presented along with their own doodles of the famous pink ball. Miyamoto was already well known due to his work on the Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda franchises, while Sakurai is the youngest man in the team who created the Kirby concept. Future boss Iwata was the producer and did some programming work, while he's also credited with producing a golf title single handed.

It's interesting to see these prominent figures in their younger days, and we've also learned that Satoru Iwata's drawing skills aren't necessarily his strong point.

[source andriasang.com]