The final part of Nintendo's RPG trio, Pandora's Tower, reaches Europe this Friday. Developer Ganbarion recently spoke to Official Nintendo Magazine about the game's creation and revealed the inspiration for its disgusting monster meat system.

Director Toru Haga revealed the idea came to him while eating his lunch on the train. Haga wanted to make players empathise with Elena's ordeal at fending off the monster's curse:

We adopted the idea of eating monster meat as well as an element to give the players a better understand her agony. Actually I came up with this idea while eating my lunch on a Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train). Eating is an ordinary action for everybody, so I thought that it would have been an element that the players could identify with.

Our Pandora's Tower review will be up soon to let you know how successfully Ganbarion achieved its mission. Here's the launch trailer, too.