Penguins. On DSiWare.

A long-awaited 3DS art package, a DSiWare puzzler and a WiiWare racer make up this week's digital downloads in North America. Here's the Nintendo Download: 5th April 2012 for Europe.

3DS Download Software

Colors! 3D (Collecting Smiles, $6.99, 226 blocks) — A much-anticipated release for 3DS, this 3D art software was supposed to land late last year but was held back. While waiting for our upcoming review, check out our interview: Collecting Smiles — Colors! 3D to find out how this release came to be.


Penguin Patrol (Grab LLC, 200pts, 45 blocks) — The game features a walrus in sunglasses and the official description starts with "Waddle We Do?", which is almost enough to earn it a 10/10 review score. It's also created by Divergent Shift and Amoebattle developer Intrinsic Games, so could be interesting. We'll bring you a more considered verdict on this slip-slidey puzzle game in the near future.


TNT Racers (dtp entertainment, 1000pts) — A pretty good arcade racer with a few quirks, merging Micro Machines with Mario Kart. Our TNT Racers review has the full verdict.

Nintendo eShop Video

Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Two and Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion video interview with Warren Spector.

Nintendo Video

Worldwide Exclusive Premiere The Rifle's Spiral by The Shins (available April 6)
The band's jaw-dropping new video for The Rifle's Spiral was directed by Jamie Caliri. Don't miss his stop-motion animation masterpiece off the band's new album, Port of Morrow.

That's your lot, folks.