Penguin Patrol

Penguin Patrol (DSiWare)


Grab, LLC
Intrinsic Games


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User Ratings: 2

Our Review: 7/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Puzzle, Strategy
Release Date


  • 5th Apr 2012 (USA), 200 points

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Penguin Patrol Screenshot
Penguin Patrol Screenshot
Penguin Patrol Screenshot
Penguin Patrol Screenshot


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    Review Penguin Patrol

    Snow major complaints; it's an ice game! Catch our drift?

    The charmingly simple story of Penguin Patrol revolves around a young Eskimo who witnesses a greedy walrus slugging along with a sack full of distressed penguins. The walrus is obviously looking forward to a nice big dinner, but it's up to you to prevent him from getting that far. You...

About The Game

Waddle We Do?!

Baby penguins have been stranded on thin ice by the evil (but oddly stylish) Walrus, and it's up to the Penguin Patrol to rescue them!

Encounter several types of penguins, such as the stubborn Bratty Penguin or the sleepy Fatty Penguin, as you trek across over 75 puzzling levels. But watch out! With each step you take, the thin ice behind you breaks. Without careful planning, you could cut off your own escape route! Featuring a charming pixel art style, delightful music, and thoughtfully designed levels, Penguin Patrol will entice players of all ages.


  • Over 75 puzzling levels – can you earn all the stars?
  • Rescue a variety of adorable and unique penguins
  • Use the handy Undo feature at any time