Rush on through

Europe gets its first taste of paid-for 3D video this week, alongside an art application and a WiiWare racer. Here's what's under starter's orders for this week.

3DS Download Software

Colors! 3D (Collecting Smiles, 231 blocks, £5.40/€6) — An excellent addition to the 3DS suite of creative tools, find out more in our Colors! 3D review.


Rush Rush Rally Racing (redspot games, 900 Points) — A WiiWare version of a Dreamcast title, R4 wants to evoke memories of classic 2D top-down racers like Micro Machines and more. We'll see if it's got the grunt to take the chequered flag in our review.


Escape Trick: Convenience Store (Gamebridge, 500pts) — Prepare for the inevitable occasion you're trapped in a convenience store with no obvious way out in Gamebridge's escapology simulator. Or don't, as our Escape Trick: Convenience Store review makes clear it's not worth the time.

Nintendo Video

The 3D Machine (Ka-Ching Cartoons, £0.90/€1) — The first paid video to hit 3DS in Europe, the description reads thusly: "After an inventor makes a breakthrough, he leaves his incapable assistant alone with his new wonder invention, which leads to wealth, love...and catastrophe!" Sounds like any normal week at Nintendo Life HQ, to be honest.

That concludes this week's showing. Anything for you?