March is the month of the Pokémon Video Game Championships around Europe, with the UK event taking place in Birmingham on 3rd March. For those looking to gain an advantage at the upcoming contest, our colleagues at are offering an exclusive Pokémon as a helping hand.

Having teamed up with The Pokémon Company International, one of the strongest fighting Pokémon could be yours ahead of battle. The Lucario Pokémon has the Bullet Punch move, a powerful attack that is usually difficult to learn, as well as the Hidden Ability Justified, increasing its Attack when it takes damage from Dark-type moves.

This exclusive 'mon is for readers, so if you want details of the password and process check out the details on this page. Are any of you entering the Pokémon Video Game Championships this year, and do you plan to use this Lucario Pokémon to aid your cause?