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Last year, Disney registered a Castle of Illusion trademark, which many thought would have something to do with the then-unannounced Disney Epic Mickey 2. Turns out those people were (probably) right, as Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion on 3DS is a sequel to the 1990 Mega Drive/Genesis classic.

A Nintendo Power preview (via reveals the platformer is a totally different game to Wii's Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, and is developed by Monster Tale studio DreamRift.

As a 2D platformer, the game uses hand-drawn sprites instead of 3D models, with parallax scrolling backgrounds a nod back to the game's 16-bit predecessor. Each stage is based on a previous Disney cartoon, from Sleeping Beauty to Tangled, which could either work brilliantly or be a bit of a letdown. We'll see.

The painting mechanic survives too, with the stylus and touch screen used to 'paint' items into existence by tracing their outlines: the neater the lines, the better the result. One example is a cannon — paint it perfectly and it'll damage only your enemies, but mess it up and it could backfire.

All this sounds intriguing, and with DreamRift at the helm we're counting on a 2D platformer with an ingenious twist. Here's hoping we get that when the game's released later this year.