This week Europe's got one of the best-looking download slates in a long time — though no, there's no VVVVVV or Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword — with strong titles left, right and centre. Let's get to it.

Wii Virtual Console

The King of Fighters '97 (Neo Geo, D4 Enterprise, 900pts) — The legendary fighting series returns to Virtual Console. The first Neo Geo game to hit the service in over a year, this three-on-three scrapper is well-regarded in the fighting game community; we'll bring you our verdict very soon.

3DS Virtual Console

Kirby's Block Ball (Game Boy, Nintendo, £2.70/€3) — Kirby stars in a Breakout-like game, with paddles on all four sides and Kirby's special abilities all changing things up. We'll have an in-depth review for you soon.


BurgerTime World Tour (Monkeypaw Games, 1000pts) — After launching on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network last year, WiiWare users get a chance to build burgers in this revisiting of the classic concept. 3DS owners can already try out BurgerTime Deluxe of course, but we'll see if this WiiWare version is just as tasty in our upcoming review. Until then, check out our Monkeypaw Games interview and BurgerTime World Tour preview.

3DS Demo

CRUSH3D (SEGA, free) — Try out a little bit of SEGA's mind-bending puzzler, then read our CRUSH3D review and see if the full game's for you.


Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party (Cypronia, 200pts) — A match-three game with a particularly unique-looking lead character, our Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party review tells you all you need to know.

Gaia's Moon (EnjoyUp Games, 200pts) — A very enjoyable little game for 200 Points, our Gaia's Moon review covers all you need to know.

What are you downloading this week?