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  • US 19th Jan 2012, 200 points
  • EU 9th Feb 2012, 200 points
  • JP 25th Jul 2012


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    Full of fun or made of cheese?

    While many portable games praised for their accessibility and simple controls are often times associated with mobile game platforms, DSiWare is not without its own quality pick-up-and play titles. Games like Reflect Missile, Pop Plus: Solo and the Art Style series offer satisfyingly simple gameplay perfect for short...

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Gaia's Moon Screenshot
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About The Game

Fly through the fantastic skies of Gaia in this fun adventure.

Something strange is causing changes to the balance of energy in Gaia that is necessary to prolong life. To discover the cause, you must play the role of Atreyu and his magical cane Milo, whose help you will need to be able to fly. But be very careful! The whole planet has gone mad and out of control, and existential chaos may ensue.

The mechanics are simple: With a single button you provide the necessary energy to the cane “Milo”, flying Atreyu through the sky of Gaia.

Use your skills to discover who is behind this and return harmony to the Gaia system. There is no point limit; get the highest score in the ranking. You will also be able to challenge a friend in two-player mode, sharing the same Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS!

  • Unlimited adventure mode.
  • 2 players on the same Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS console.
  • Simple, yet very fun control for all types of players.
  • Amazing graphics with high quality and detail.