Here's the full list of games available to buy today in Europe.

Nintendo 3DS Download Software

Dillon's Rolling Western (Nintendo, £9.00/€10) — Play as a Wild West armadillo who must defend a town from marauding rocks using gatling guns, towers and more. We'll have a full review soon.


Box Pusher (GameOn, 500pts) — Push blocks around in single or local multiplayer modes. There's a level creator which might help extend the game's lifespan, so we'll dive in and see what's what with our upcoming review.

3 Heroes — Crystal Soul (CIRCLE Entertainment, 500pts) — A passable strategy title, this one might be worth a look if you really like crystals. Check out our 3 Heroes — Crystal Soul review for more.


Newton vs. The Horde (RadiationBurn, 500pts) — A physics-based puzzle/destruction game, check out our Newton vs. The Horde review for the full lowdown.

Nintendo 3DS Demo

Nintendogs + Cats (Nintendo, free) — Get a free piece of the cutest game on 3DS, then read our Nintendogs + Cats review and see if the full version's worth picking up.

That's your lot this week, folks. How do you rate it?