After several excellent outings on Wii, EA Sports has confirmed upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 won't release on Nintendo's current home console.

While Xbox 360 owners can play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 on Kinect, and PlayStation Move fans have been enjoying motion controls since 2010, Wii is being passed over for this year's instalment. Here's what EA Sports communication manager Katherine Coulthart told Nintendo-Okie:

There is no Wii version planned for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 or Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13: The Masters Collector’s Edition. We decided to focus on the HD platforms and take advantage of the robust online communities of Xbox and Sony PS3 given the new online and social features in this year’s game. There have been significant strides in motion gaming through the release of Kinect and PlayStation Move and we believe fans will enjoy the true-to-life golf swing created by these peripherals.

How about Wii U, though?

We do not have any information to release at this time regarding the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise and Wii U.

That's that, then.

[source nintendo-okie.com]