For the fourth time in five weeks, the 3DS gets new Download Software. Elsewhere there's a spot of DSiWare and a WiiWare game back from the dead.

Nintendo 3DS Download Software

Samurai Sword Destiny (UFO Interactive, $5.99) — A side-scrolling slasher with a Japanese bent, your heroine Akane must defeat all in her path to rescue her brother, making use of upgrades along the way. Whether it can compare to Nintendo's upcoming Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword is another matter, but we'll be the judge of its quality in an upcoming review.


Zombii Attack (Gamers Digital, 500pts) — A game so old we actually took it off our list of WiiWare games coming soon, Zombii Attack refused to die and is finally on WiiWare. An arcade-style shooter, we'll see if it was worth the wait in our upcoming review.


Quick Fill Q (Agetec Inc., 200pts) — Developed by Silver Star Japan, responsible for Dotman and Rabi Laby among others, you must roll the spherical Q to fill up gaps, apparently. Our review will surely fill gaps in your knowledge when it's published soon.

3 Heroes — Crystal Soul (CIRCLE Entertainment, 500pts) — Winning the award for Most Imaginative Names Ever, you play the Crystal Champion who must protect the kingdom Crystennia in a strategy-puzzle mix. CIRCLE has mixed form so we'll see how this shapes up in a full review soon.

That's all, folks. What are you getting?