DotMan (DSiWare)


Silver Star Japan


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User Ratings: 1

Our Review: 4/10


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Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Driving
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  • US 8th Sep 2011, 200 points
  • JP 4th Aug 2010, 200 points
  • EU 29th Nov 2012, 200 points

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  • Review DotMan (DSiWare)

    Not quite on point

    Welcome to DotMan, the game of driving in circles. And that's it, basically. There's also a small amount of strategy, along with boredom and frustration, but we'll deal with those shortly. DotMan has its roots in classic games like Dodge 'Em and Pac-Man, but that's a bit like saying Twilight has its roots in Bram Stoker's Dracula:...

About The Game

Do you like to drive fast? Challenge authority?

Finally, a chance to drive as fast as you can with no regard to the law. Put the pedal to the metal and drive with both confidence and precision as you speed around collecting all the coins on each stage as quickly as possible.

Execute evasive moves and collect essential items to help you dodge the police and escape being caught. Watch out for the three strikes and you are out! If, you are caught by the police three times the game is over.

It’s up to you to perform last minute lane changes, stealthy u-turns and determine the rate of speed. However, keep in mind; once you start going, there is no stopping.

DotMan is a non-stop action game that takes you back to the golden years of arcade gaming. Strap yourself into the driver’s seat and prepare yourself for the ride of your life.

  • Collect items to gain an advantage.
  • Master quick u-turns and sneaky lane changes.
  • Collect bonus items to earn a higher score.