Try before you buy!

European eShop users can get a free demo of Resident Evil Revelations tomorrow.

The eShop was updated to allow demos in late December but tomorrow sees the launch of the service outside of Japan.

Resi is also joined by a demo of the slightly less exciting Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic.

Future demos include Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure and Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Here's hoping we get similarly good news from Nintendo of America when it opens for business in a few hours.


Test drive select Nintendo 3DS games before you buy

18th January 2012 – Free demos of selected Nintendo 3DS™ games are available to download from the Nintendo eShop – kicking off tomorrow with both Resident Evil™ Revelations and Cooking Mama 4.

Developed by Capcom® specifically to take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS features, Resident Evil Revelations delivers a true return to classic Resident Evil™ survival horror gameplay. The full game launches across Europe on 27th January, but if you fancy at getting your hands on, and test driving this ultimate horror experience before it hits the stores then head over to the Nintendo eShop tomorrow to download the Nintendo 3DS demo.

If cooking is your passion, then you must also try out the Nintendo 3DS demo for Cooking Mama 4 from 505 Games. Join Mama as she cooks up a storm and for the first time ever – in full 3D. Decorate Mama’s kitchen and customize your utensils as you tilt your Nintendo 3DS to cook in a whole new way like never before.

Make sure you keep checking the Nintendo eShop, as it will be periodically updated with new game demos in the future, including a Nintendo 3DS demo for Metal Gear Solid®: Snake Eater 3D - Hideo Kojima's legendary Metal Gear series from KONAMI. This classic stealth action game will come to Nintendo 3DS this year with stunning 3D visuals and the Nintendo 3DS outer cameras and gyroscopic motion sensor will be used as integral elements within the gameplay. Also keep an eye out for a Nintendo 3DS demo of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games™ and Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure™ both from SEGA.

In addition to Nintendo 3DS demos, the Nintendo eShop also lets you download an array of original Nintendo 3DS Download Software, 3D Classics, Virtual Console™ and Nintendo DSiWare™ games directly to your Nintendo 3DS system. If you want to access the Nintendo eShop, make sure you have first performed a system update via a wireless broadband internet connection. Those who perform the system update will gain access to the Nintendo eShop and will be able to download the Nintendo Video™ application for free, providing access to a range of new and exclusive 2D and 3D video content on their Nintendo 3DS system.