Small but mighty?

It's a bumper download for Europe this week — though no, there's no Wii Virtual Console present.

Here's what Nintendo's digital departments has to offer this Christmas week.

Nintendo 3DS Download Software

Nintendo Letter Box (Nintendo, free) — The 3DS finally gets its messaging application with Nintendo Letter Box, to be called Swapnote in North America. Send photos, sounds and 2D or 3D pictures and notes to your friends via SpotPass or StreetPass, all for free.

Mighty Switch Force (WayForward, €6/£5.40) — WayForward's mighty puzzler arrives in time to nestle under the Christmas tree. Read our Mighty Switch Force preview for more and expect our review very soon.

3DS Virtual Console

Tetris (Nintendo, Game Boy, €4/£3.60) — No, your eyes don't deceive you: that is a €4/£3.60 price on the original Game Boy Tetris. It may be stacked full of quality gaming but is it worth that much? We'll tell you in a review soon.


Castle Conqueror – Heroes (CIRCLE Entertainment, 500pts) — We were actually expecting this one a little later, but now it's got a date with the Christmas turkey. The best in the series by far, read our Castle Conqueror – Heroes review for more.

Commando: Steel Disaster (Cinemax, 800pts) — A Metal Slug-like shooter, converted from a DS retail title, we'll see if this is a headshot or just firing blanks soon.


Football Up! (EnjoyUp Games, 500pts) — Four-player family football fun with Mii characters. It shoots, but does it score? Review soon.

WiiWare Demo

MotoHeroz (free, full game: 1500pts) — A free bit of one of the best games on WiiWare. You'll definitely want to read our MotoHeroz review.

What will you be buying this week?