By now you've read in our Super Mario 3D Land review that Mario's latest outing is very good indeed, but has it succeeded in lifting the console's sales in Japan? Yes, and how.

In its first week the game shifted a staggering 343,492 copies, according to figures from Media Create (via Andriasang). That's nearly triple the amount of all 3DS software sold throughout the entirety of October, and even above the week one totals of Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, which sold 256,341 and 337,569 units respectively.

As for the console itself, Nintendo sold 145,271 3DS consoles across Japan in a week, more than double the previous week's 65,041.

So far, so good then. We'll see if the game can have a similar rejuvenating effect on 3DS sales in Europe and North America pretty soon.

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