Much to improve

2D Boy is responsible for World of Goo, one of the best games WiiWare has to offer. The studio's Ron Carmel recently conducted a survey of around 200 independent developers, asking which formats the teams had supported and planned to continue working on in future. Sadly, Nintendo consoles sit right at the bottom.

The survey asked developers what they believe to be the most important factor in choosing a platform to work on, with the most influential being ease of working with the platform holder, just above the platform's install base. As a follow-up, developers were asked to rate their past experiences, and it doesn't make good reading for Nintendo.

21% rated Nintendo as "very easy" to work with, and a further 21% described their experience as "so-so"; 37% called Nintendo "difficult", with 21% going as far as "excruciating". As a point of comparison, Xbox Live Arcade came out worse with just 16% of developers rating their experience as "very easy" or "so-so" and 48% saying it was "excruciating". However, PlayStation Network sits on a satisfaction rating of 62%, with Android Marketplace, Facebook, iOS and Steam all ranking higher.

2D Boy's results

Of course many independent developers continue to support Nintendo with downloadable games, but we can all agree the company has plenty of improvements to make if Wii U is to become a serious challenger in the digital space.