3DS owners are best catered-for this week, with releases on the portable Virtual Console and some brand new software too. WiiWare fans get a 1000 Point offering and DSi fans can play checkers or go trick or treating. Here's the full list.

3DS Download Software

Pyramids (Enjoy Gaming, $3.99) — A neat 3D homage to Solomon's Key, this game makes use of the 3DS's QR reader to grant the player extra levels for free. Read our Pyramids review for more.

3DS Virtual Console

BurgerTime Deluxe (Game Boy, G-Mode, $2.99) — A spot of burger-building on Game Boy, also out in Europe today. We'll put it to the old taste test soon.


Academy: Checkers (Gamelion, 500pts) — Play a spot of draughts with this portable board from Gamelion. It was released in Europe: we'll have a review very shortly.

Halloween: Trick or Treat (Virtual Playground, 800pts) — Go trick or treating, meeting friendly witches and scary skeletons along the way. We'll see if this is frightening fare soon.


ANIMA Ark of Sinners (ANIMA Game Studio, 1000pts) — We had high hopes for this Metroidvania style adventure, but sadly it fell short of expectations as you can read in our ANIMA Ark of Sinners review.

Nintendo Video

Thriller (DreamWorks Animation) — The cast of Shrek meets Michael Jackson's classic video. Some people would call this a nightmare.

What's for you this week?