With the most frightful night of the year just around the corner, Nintendo of Europe has put together a platter of mysterious gifts. Will they be sweet as candy or as welcome as rotten eggs through your letterbox? Time to find out.

3DS Virtual Console

BurgerTime Deluxe (Game Boy, G-mode, £2.70/€3) — No doubt in anticipation of the upcoming BurgerTime World Tour, G-mode keeps the 3DS Virtual Console releases coming with this patty-packing outing. We'll give it the taste test in our upcoming review.


Halloween: Trick or Treat (Microvalue, 800pts) — Play as Mike or Sally, go out and trick or treat your neighbours. All the fun of the real deal without any of the inevitable tooth rot. We'll chance our choppers on a review soon.


Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix (Natsume, 500pts) — Step onto the dance floor with the fine — if mortally challenged — folks of Monster Town in this pretty decent groovathon. Check out our Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix review for more.

WiiWare Demo

Kyotokei (Microforum, full price: 500pts) — It's like Ikaruga but with people instead of ships. Now you can try it for free, and don't forget that reading our Kyotokei review is also free. A lot of people forget that.

Will you be taking a chance on one of these spooky games this week or playing something else? Let us know.