Iwata: still not laughing.

Nintendo DS and Wii were hugely lucrative for many reasons, but part of their success is down to the innovative new games only possible on Nintendo's hardware: from Nintendogs and Brain Training to Wii Fit, these new genres really made the hardware into global phenomena. Of course, other hardware manufacturers and publishers soon caught up and Nintendo's advantage diminished, so what is Nintendo to do next? Think of the next big thing, of course.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata spoke to investors about the company's plans to continue expanding its gaming audience, and a big part of that is new genres to entice them in:

Aiming for the next fiscal year, we are also working on new genres of software that may attract people who are not particularly interested in video games. In order to further expand the definition of video games and to create new software fields under our gaming population expansion strategy, we are planning to launch several new software titles in the next fiscal year.

Iwata states that Nintendo's unique position of producing hardware and software will help it to provide "meaningful surprises" to attract a wide variety of consumers, as it did with Wii and DS.

Do you think Nintendo will succeed in creating enticing new genres? What could it have in store for the future?

[source nintendo.co.jp]