This week in the Nintendo Download there's something new available for almost every downloadable platform, with 3DSWare the only thing missing out. There's even a WiiWare demo, so without any further hesitation let's bring you the rundown.

3DS Virtual Console

Gargoyle's Quest (Game Boy, Capcom, $3.99) — Play as Firebrand (aka Red Arremer) and take on the creatures of the Ghoul Realm in this spin-off from the popular Ghosts 'n' Goblins series. We'll have a review very soon.

Wii Virtual Console

The Ignition Factor (Super NES, Jaleco, 800pts) — This top-down firefighting game may not be hot stuff, but it's got some quality going for it. If you're after something a bit different for the Super NES you could do a lot worse than read our The Ignition Factor review.

WiiWare Demos

Kyotokei (Microforum, full game: 500pts) — As close as you're ever going to get to Ikaruga on WiiWare, now you can try the side-scrolling shooter for free, then read our Kyotokei review for an evaluation of the full product.


Let's Create! Pottery (Infinite Dreams, 500pts) — Take your time throwing clay, glazing and firing it to create your own piece of pottery. We'll cast our expert's eye on it to see if it's a priceless antique or a worthless fake.

Magical Whip: Wizards of the Phantasmal Forest (Agetec, 200pts) — Battle dangerous dragons, ghosts and more using your magical whips to take them out in a game that shares a few similarities with Bubble Bobble. We'll see if it's magic or all just an illusion soon.

Calculator (Cinemax, 200pts) — A calculator with scientific functions rather than a straight-up scientific calculator, it'll be interesting to see if Cinemax has updated some of the issues encountered in the game's European form. Read our Calculator review to see what the score is.

Nintendo Video

Blue Man Group, Upgrade Your Life — "Ding Dong! It's the Upgrade Your Life Kit via special delivery for Blue Man Group! Hit the red button to change your world and upgrade to 3D with a flip of a switch!"

Santiago Caicedo, Moving Still — "To be a routine traveler. No surprises at the starting point, no surprises at the point of arrival. To feel the monotony of a recurring journey made too many times."

Anything for you this week?