Worth it for £80?

The new look Wii is coming to Europe, and comes with Wii Sports and Wii Party but no GameCube support. It's now come to light that Nintendo isn't expected to drastically reduce the console's trade price, but that retailers may still drop the machine to as low as £79.99 in the run-up to Christmas.

A Nintendo spokesperson confirmed to MCV that the trade price will be similar to previous Wii bundles, meaning the standard price could be in the £129.99 range. However, to spur demand some retailers are prepared to cut the price to less than £80 in the all-important fourth quarter, an absolute bargain all things considered.

This is likely to be Wii's final Christmas of any relevance: is a sub-£80 price tag enough to help the console maintain a positive and profitable holiday presence?

[source mcvuk.com]