How much would you pay for a Samus figurine?

Compared to Nintendo's other main franchises, there's an undeniable lack of Metroid merchandise out there in the wild, but Japanese figurine manufacturer Max Factory is taking a stab at correcting that with two new figures based on Metroid: Other M as spotted at a recent Japanese toy fair.

One figure will be a small replica of Samus in her Power Suit and will be fully poseable, expected to retail for between 3,000 and 4,000 Yen — between $40 and $52 / £24 and £32.

The second is a much more interesting proposition: a larger figure of Zero Suit Samus created in 1/8th scale, hopefully resulting in a decent quality recreation of the bounty hunter.

Max Factory's figurines are yet to make it officially out of Japan, but no doubt these creations will both be available at all good importers when they're released next year.