Finished this? Then pay for more.

Extra downloadable content is a fertile field for developers, allowing them to extend the appeal of their game long after it's left the charts. While some Wii games allowed for paid DLC under the system's "Pay and Play" feature, it was never really a big focus for the console, something Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is keen to change with the company's new machines.

During a recent investors Q&A translated by Andriasang, Iwata spoke of both 3DS and Wii U getting paid DLC in the future, with the service available to 3DS developers by the end of the year. That doesn't necessarily mean we'll see downloadable add-ons to purchase this year, though.

Nintendo's not quite sure how it's going to use this service for itself: Iwata and right-hand man Shigeru Miyamoto are interested in adding on extra stages and new features, but aren't so keen on paying to unlock content already on the disc, statistic increases and so on. Iwata feels that these kinds of downloads would not allow Nintendo to "build a long term relationship with customers", something on the forefront of the company's collective mind considering the 3DS's fortunes of late.

Will we see new quests in future Zelda games or extra stages to prolong Mario's adventures? Only time will tell.