Antipole is ready for release in North America this Thursday, and to get you in the mood Saturnine Games has released the game's soundtrack for free via its website.

The nine-track aural accompaniment was composed by Cosmos X2 musician Zack Parrish, with tracks ranging from retro tunes to pieces like You Think You're Tough? that combine rock, choral and orchestral influences.

You can download the Antipole soundtrack for free.

The press release below also explains a little more about the DSiWare puzzler, due Thursday. We'll have a full review next week, of course.

Antipole Coming to the Nintendo DSiWare Service

July 18, 2011

Saturnine Games announces the upcoming release of Antipole for the Nintendo DSiWareTM service on Thursday, July 21, 2011. In Antipole, players bend the laws of gravity in their quest to fend off a robot invasion.

Antipole equips players with the ability to alter the world around them by temporarily reversing the direction of gravity. Players can use their gravity manipulator to reverse gravity in the area around them for short periods of time. While the gravity manipulator is active, everything in the area around the player is affected by the change in gravity. The player and everything else around them, including your enemies, will fall in the new direction of gravity. The gravity manipulator will recharge when inactive if the player is standing on solid ground. Players can take advantage of reversed gravity to run on the ceiling, jump incredible distances, change the direction of a jump in mid-air to launch themselves around obstacles, or fling enemies into deadly hazards. Players must manipulate gravity wisely, as reversing gravity can also create new obstacles to avoid.

In celebration of the release, the entire 9 song soundtrack can be downloaded from the Saturnine Games website.

Antipole is the second Nintendo DSiWare release by Saturnine Games, following last year’s release of Cosmos X2. Players who own both games will be able to play a special bonus mode in Antipole incorporating elements of Cosmos X2.

Antipole will be released on July 21, 2011 in the Nintendo DSi™ Shop (available on the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL™ systems) for 500 Nintendo DSi Points™ as well as in the Nintendo eShop (available on the Nintendo 3DS™ system) for $4.99.