Who will play who?

Seth Gordon's The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters documentary about Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe ― two gamers on a quest for a world record-breaking high score on Donkey Kong ― is still on course for a remake, but the style in which the film will be presented might in some ways end up being a pastiche of The King of Kong.

Speaking to The Playlist, Gordon talked about the appeal of the original and what stage the remake is at today:

I think it’s the thing that won’t ever die in a way because I think we all love the doc... And so we haven’t given up on it. And there’s a new draft by [2007 Black List writer] Melissa Stack who did a wonderful job. And so it’s quite real.

Since the release of the 2007 documentary, Gordon has worked on various film and TV projects: the most notable examples include Parks and Recreation, The Office, Modern Family, Freakonomics, and Horrible Bosses. More specifically, the shows that utilised a documentary-style of filming have given Gordon an idea on how he might handle the filming of the The King of Kong remake:

There’s a few different avenues [the film can take]. I’ve done some work on ‘Modern Family’ and ‘The Office’ and have worked in this doc style, and so that inspired me to say, instead of doing a traditional narrative feature script, what if we did the remake in the doc style? What doors what that open? What opportunities? What additional story could we tell? And that’s essentially the approach we took.

So instead of a traditional documentary, the remake could be starring actors portraying the experiences of Mitchell and Wiebe. Whether the proposed mockumentary style will detract from the narrative remains to be seen, but for now, who would you like to see take on the roles of the Donkey Kong champions?

[source blogs.indiewire.com]