The whole 3D-without-glasses deal is still pretty impressive several months after the 3DS launch, but Tomita Technologies isn't happy about seeing the tech turn up in Nintendo's latest portable, taking the company to court with claims of patent infringement.

Seijiri Tomita, a veteran engineer who worked at Sony for 30 years, retired in 2002 to work on personal projects, including stereoscopic displays. In 2003, Tomita filed a patent for "Stereoscopic image picking up and display system based upon optical axes cross-point information", which is a fancy word for "3D, no glasses". The patent was granted in August 2008.

Fast-forward to 2011 and Tomita Technologies is bringing legal proceedings against Nintendo of America, claiming the Big N has infringed on this patent. Tomita's conditions include Nintendo ceasing production of 3DS using this technology as well as compensation for damages and legal fees.