The best has yet to come

At this year's E3, Nintendo showed that having strong support from third-parties is definitely something that the Wii U is striving for, and at the post event shareholders' meeting, Satoru Iwata spoke briefly about the kind of titles we'll see the company produce in the coming years.

Keen to show that the 3DS and the upcoming Wii U are platforms that publishers can perform their businesses on, Nintendo wants to make sure that the latter console has a strong software line-up made up of first and third-party games, especially in the console's first year on the market:

We think it very important to make several hits from the third-party software publishers within the first year from the release of the platform, while offering Nintendo software seamlessly. In order to achieve this goal, we have shared information about the new hardware with the software publishers earlier than we did previously and built a cooperative structure, and we are developing several titles in collaboration with these publishers.

Nintendo has in the past repeatedly underlined the importance of making third-parties feel at ease with the Wii U, and recently, the console's online set-up was hinted to be more robust and able to accommodate third-party online networks.

Iwata wouldn't go into detail on what the software collaborations entail, but said Nintendo is willing to pull its wallet out in order to create a wide range of handheld and home console hits:

I cannot talk in detail about the names of the titles, or with which publishers we are currently collaborating, because we have not announced this information yet, but what we are aiming for with the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U is, platforms which have much more software and a wider variety of software than the former Nintendo DS or Wii. Therefore, we are thinking of creating an environment where software from other companies will become hits. Please understand that Nintendo is prepared to invest in order to make this a reality.