The game has still not been released in Europe and North America, but details of the upcoming DLC for La-Mulana have now been revealed.

Downloading the 300 Nintendo Point package will unlock a boss rush mode, which comes with a timer so you can try to beat your best times on it. But any La-Mulana veterans will know that the next feature's the most important.

Downloading the DLC will also allow you to access the Hell Temple, an infamously hard bonus dungeon from the original game which is now back, with the promise of being even harder than it used to be. There's also still a "reward" for beating the Hell Temple, but we'll let you discover what it is for yourselves. The DLC will become available in Japan next Tuesday.

Naturally, Nigoro has also released a new trailer showcasing the DLC's contents, which you can view below:

There's still no word on the Western release date for the game, but the game is supposedly 100% done and simply awaiting Nintendo's sign of approval. We'll update you the moment a date is revealed.