Perhaps flashing "this will not blind you" could help.

Despite carefully worded health advice from Nintendo itself, not to mention supporting advice from eyesight specialists, there still seems a negative perception of the Nintendo 3DS console's stereoscopic capabilities, partially fuelled by certain disreputable media outlets. A recent shareholders meeting at Nintendo Japan highlighted the issue, and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is keenly aware of the ongoing challenge.

Iwata believes the key lies in effectively communicating two key features: using the 3D Depth Slider to change the intensity of the 3D images and blocking 3D images with Parental Controls. With these two features, Iwata believes the company can overcome any negative perceptions:

I think we will be able to dispel the harmful rumors, such as "you cannot buy this or play with this because 3D is not good for your eyes," which was raised in this question. We are also aware that the Nintendo 3DS will not become widespread unless we dispel such rumors. We are trying hard to communicate these messages to help people have an accurate understanding.

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