Keep on StreetPassin'

Nintendo's built-in StreetPass games Find Mii (also known as StreetPass Quest) and Puzzle Swap are rather neat incentives to carry your 3DS console around, but once finished there's less reason to venture out into the world with your 3DS in your pocket. Nintendo realises this, and president Satoru Iwata acknowledged the issue at a recent meeting.

Noting that many Nintendo employees have long since finished the mini-RPG Find Mii, Iwata even told attendees that Shigeru Miyamoto has been pestering employees for ideas for a follow-up, with "several departments considering the possibility", according to Iwata.

While Iwata had nothing concrete to announce, it certainly sounds as if the issue is important to the company, and even hinted there could be more content to come in the future:

I cannot say when or what we can deliver, but we would like to change the minds of the people who are temporarily thinking, "I cannot see the point in carrying my Nintendo 3DS with me," to make them think, "Oh, I want to carry it around with me again." I believe we can proceed in a way that answers your request.