Yasuhiro Wada. Probably quite a nice man.

Yasuhiro Wada created the very first Harvest Moon before going on to work on Little King's Story and No More Heroes, among other games. So when Wada says he's developing a 3DS game, it's most definitely Good News.

Wada confirmed to Official Nintendo Magazine that he's currently working on a 3DS game, though wouldn't say anything more:

I've got a 3DS game in the pipeline right now, and I've got another game that we haven't decided the platform on, but which I am hoping to bring to Wii U.

Wada has previously spoken about his desire to release a new IP in the near future, so we're expecting something unexpected. As he's also chief operating officer of Grasshopper, we can't wait to see what Wada's team cooks up.

[source officialnintendomagazine.co.uk]