Bobby Carrot Forever has been in development a long, long time: our news coverage dates back to December 2008, but after years of toiling FDG Entertainment's leporine hero is finally ready for action.

On 21st July the game will hit the Wii Shop Channel for 800 Points, a pretty reasonable asking price for a 15 hour game with 72 levels. You'll also be able to download extra level packs containing another 72 levels and 15 hours for 500 Wii Points, with FDG promising the full experience with all download content stretches to a whopping 90 hours of gameplay. Of course, that'll run you a total of 3,300 Nintendo Points, but FDG has told us the levels aren't linked to the story mode, meaning you can see the whole of Bobby's tale for 800 Points.

We'll review the game to let you know if bunny Bobby warren-ts further investigation.