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If you’ve owned a Samsung mobile phone in the past few years then the name Bobby Carrot will probably ring a bell. German developer FDG Entertainment has so far produced five games featuring this insanely popular buck-toothed character, and the company has recently contacted WiiWare World exclusively to confirm that a version of Bobby Carrot Forever is currently in development for WiiWare.

Details are sketchy at present due to the early stage of production, but we're expecting it to be an enhanced version of the the fifth (and most recent) entry in the franchise. The game is also making its way to Apple’s iPhone.

For those of you that don’t know, Bobby Carrot Forever (like all the other instalments) is a puzzle adventure game in which the core aim is to collect carrots. The series has racked up over one million downloads on mobile phones, which is pretty impressive going.

There’s no solid release date as yet, but in the meantime you can check out reviews of previous Bobby Carrot games here.

Update: Screenshots added to our gallery below from the upcoming iPhone version which is said to be very similar.