While we wait for some original 3D games to arrive in the eShop, we’re more than happy to enjoy some classic NES remakes. 3D Classics Excitebike was warmly received, especially as it was a free download to coincide with the delayed eShop launch. We’re also looking forward to 3D Classics Xevious in July which should be fun.

The same cannot be said about 3D Classics Urban Champion, here’s a game we wanted to forget about forever, not experience in glorious three dimensions! Alas Nintendo of Japan have revealed Urban Champion’s 3D makeover to an unsuspecting world. It will cost 600 yen and is due for release on 13th July. It supports local wireless play if you can find a friend who is willing to play it with you.

The original one-on-one brawler hit the Famicom back in 1984 and made it on to the NES in Europe and North America in 1986. It might have been passable at the time, but isn't much fun to play these days by any stretch of the imagination.

Iwata has stated that there will initially be six games in the 3D Classics series. What are your bets for the final three games?

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