Want these 3D trailers? Speak up!

With a global community such as the one here at Nintendo Life, discrepancies between regional offerings may seem severe. Such is the case now that the eShop is here, offering 3D trailers to users in North America while those in other regions languish without. We contacted Nintendo of Europe, who sought to clarify the issue.

Essentially, the European eShop will continue to offer content targeted at the region, which means you shouldn't expect to see everything available in North America replicated in Europe — and vice versa. While Nintendo couldn't confirm exactly what will be coming to the eShop, it did tell us there will be exclusive 3D trailers available shortly, with more to come.

While this likely doesn't alleviate the disappointment that Europe is still without the E3 trailers available in North America for example, there is still hope: make your voice heard below and we'll pass your comments on to Nintendo of Europe. Your opinion could make all the difference!