Readers, what are your hopes?

To date, Monolith Soft has had two titles published on Nintendo's current generation of home consoles and the job listing on the studio's website has revealed that its upcoming project is one being developed for the next generation.

As translated by Andriasang, the listing appears to be a revised one dating back to June 2010 and positions that need filling include programmers versed in using Havok and shaders, 3D CG artists, 2D designers, motion designers, effect designers and general office staff.

Monolith Soft titles that have made it to release on the Wii number just two: Disaster: Day of Crisis and Xenoblade Chronicles ― the latter is already available in Japan and scheduled for a European localisation, but an American one has yet to be announced.

The studio was also responsible in bringing the Xenosaga series to the DS with Xenosaga I & II, and more recently, the Dragon Ball franchise with Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.