Could this finally go truly portable?

Late last year, Reggie Fils-Aime invited Virtual Boy fans to speak up if they wanted Virtual Boy games on the 3DS, and lately the question came up again, this time pitched to Shigeru Miyamoto.

GameSpot asked Miyamoto-san if there was interest in bringing Virtual Boy games to 3DS, to which the great man replied:

Well, that's not my exact plan, but something like that could happen. I can say that in my photo album on my Nintendo 3DS, there is a photo of a Virtual Boy. So that says that I do have a Virtual Boy at my disposal. [laughs]

Virtual Boy games would be a good fit for the 3DS eShop of course, but as only 14 games were ever released in the West — none of which in Europe — it's uncertain whether Nintendo would considers the effort required to make it a reality worth its while.

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How would you like to see Virtual Boy games come to 3DS?