What lurks inside?

We've had a stellar three days at E3 this year with revelation after revelation, but today it all comes to an end.

The fun isn't over yet though: Corbie Dillard, our man who can, is still taking in as many games as possible from booths including THQ, Natsume, Tecmo Koei and more.

Corbie's opinions will automatically appear below as if by Internet magic, and be sure to let the world know your thoughts by joining in with the comments section below.

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Okay impressions coming soon. I had to stop at the beach for a few hours.


Gotta start on some Luigi's Mansion 2 impressions after I eat. More to come...


Well it's time to go see the Natsume and Majesco booths. Then my work here is done. At least until I get home and have to type all this stuff up.


Maximillian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds is one to keep an eye on. Plays a LOT like the original Wario Land game. Great 3D and being able to move to various planes on the screen.


Went back and played some more Luigi's Mansion 2 for the 6th time and Mario Kart for the 4th time. Gotta have these two! 3DS is really looking up!


Just played BIT.TRIP SAGA and it was extremely good. Took on RUNNER, BEAT, FATE, and CORE and all four played great. Nice package!


I'll also be playing Maximillian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds here in about an hour. They've changed it to 2D and I can't wait to see it in action.


@CorbieD: Time to go check out Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. Hope it's as good as the first one was.


@CorbieD: Just played Luigi's Mansion 2 again. I just can't stop coming back to it. Screenshots do NOT do this game justice.


@CorbieD: Well I'm off to the convention center. Still have a few more games to see. Luigi's Mansion 2 impressions coming tonight.