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After the excitement of the first day of E3 there's still plenty to see and do in Los Angeles. Today Corbie will be pounding the floors of the Convention Centre to visit booths from Namco Bandai, NIS America, Warner Bros., Nintendo and more.

Keep this page open and Corbie will keep updating it with fresh information and opinions throughout the day.

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Got to play Cave Story 3D and holy sh*t did it look and play good. Went WAY beyond what I expected from it. That is one to keep your eyes on!


Sorry about the quality of the Wii U controller pic. I was trying to hold it and snap a pic of it with my iPhone. Too much at one time. LOL


BTW, for all you Xbox 360 owners out there, played Magical Drop V on XBLA and it was fantastic. Very reminiscent of the Neo Geo titles we have on the VC.


Alright I'm heading back to the LA Convention Center in about 20 minutes to check out and play Cave Story 3D. Impressions coming soon.


Played some Skyward Sword about 30 minutes ago and they've got that game really polished up and ready to roll. This might be the best 3D Zelda title of them all. A blast to play and very challenging.


@CorbieD: Got to play Kirby Wii and it was a gorgeous game and a lot of fun. It's a bit easy, like most Kirby games, but it has some great co-op multiplayer for four players. Controls are perfect!


@CorbieD: Just played Sonic Generations 3DS. Looks stunning and plays really well. Seems a bit like a cross between Colors and the old 16-bit games.


Another busy day of E3 lies ahead, with so much to see!