This happened last year. What awaits in 2011?

So you've heard all the announcements from Nintendo's news conference, but now you're waiting to hear exactly how these games look and play in the flesh. Our man Corbie Dillard is live in Los Angeles and will be updating this page frequently with his thoughts on Nintendo's new console, the games available to play and the whole E3 experience.

Keep your browser locked here and Corbie will bring you his thoughts throughout the day.

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@CorbieD: Mario Kart 3DS might very well be the best MK game ever. Smooth as silk and some AMAZING tracks!


@CorbieD: Well Miyamoto has decided to move Pikmin over to the Wiiu. Just said it was a much better fit.


Wiiu controller is REALLY big and the buttons on it are a bit soft. It's also worth noting that the analog sticks are like those found on the 3DS, not the ones on the Wii.


Analog sticks on the Wiiu controller are like those on the 3DS, not the Wii. And the buttons are very soft.


@CorbieD: The only thing I'll say about PSVita is it's amazing and I will own one on day 1, no way around it.


@CorbieD: Played some more Luigi's Mansion 2, Mario Kart, and Super Mario 3D and these three games are outstanding! More impressions to come later tonight.


Well got to play the Wiiu and it's interesting. The controller is really big. It's fairly comfortable and I can see the possibilities but time will tell.


CorbieD: Time to play Mario Kart next!


CorbieD: Alright, about to play Luigi's Mansion 2. Wish me luck!


CorbieD: Not sold on Wiiu. Time will tell.


CorbieD: Watching the LOUD Zelda presentation.