A screenshot of Niki Dream, one of the three prototypes

Bplus, the developer of such titles as Bit Boy!! and the upcoming Vektor Tank 3D+ wants your help in creating three in situ 3DS eShop titles. Following in Capcom's fan-centred footsteps, they've recently posted the following on their forums:

These three game concepts are chosen to be released on the Nintendo eShop! It is not sure that all of these games will be released. For now we want YOU to decide which one of these we shall develop! Please understand that all of them are in an early state of development - screenshots are from those very early [builds]! Please use the different threads to tell us what you like and dislike on each project. There will be an very detailed press article with tons of additional information soon!

That's right, folks – you get to help them design their games and even which they'll develop first. You can discuss the projects within individual forum topics and look at some screenshots of their three prototypes, Niki Rock Ball, Niki Dream and PUZZLEBOX: Copycat Cubes directly below this article or in 3D here, as well as seven shots of Vektor Tank 3D+, using your 3DS browser. As the company has held a less than perfect track record until now, perhaps some fan input is just what it needs.

Do any of these concepts grab your eye? Do any of them make you cry? Tell us in the comments, and then tell Bplus!

[source bplus.at]