In one week we will get our first look at Nintendo's new home console, with all sorts of rumours circulating about its controller, horsepower and games line-up. One thing we should all keep in mind, according to Ubisoft UK Boss Rob Cooper, is what makes Nintendo stand out from its opposition: originality.

What you always get with Nintendo is innovation, with consumers at the heart of the technologies they create, which will always result in huge success and I’m more than confident that Wii 2 will live up to this.

Never underestimate Nintendo and their capacity to look at gaming in new and innovative ways. I expect to be wowed.

We'll all get our chance to be wowed on Tuesday June 7th at 9am Pacific, 5pm UK time, when Nintendo's E3 press conference kicks off. Nintendo Life will bring you all the news and announcements live, so be sure to have your browser open right here for complete Nintendo E3 coverage.