With the worldwide 3DS system update just around the corner, Nintendo still hasn't officially announced what the new prepaid cards will look like, and as Japanese gamers start snapping theirs up, we can't help but think: "The eShop Cards in Japan look cool!"

In revamping its virtual currency system, Nintendo will now be using eShop Cards for its various digital stores. UKey566 has uploaded a photograph of a couple of Japanese eShop Cards, as spotted by Aussie-Nintendo, and they look good enough to be framed.

In addition to a rather plain-looking orange and white design, Japanese gamers can buy eShop Cards in at least two denominations: a 1000 yen card depicts Mario in various classic poses, and the 2000 yen card shows a crouching Link from the NES era, as well as a more contemporary Link riding Epona.

As shown at the top of the packaging, the eShop Cards can also be used at the Wii Shop Channel and DSi Shop.

Gamers in the United States have been reported seeing 3DS prepaid cards at their local retailers, but we're sure most can agree that these Japanese eShop Cards look the prettiest.

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